October 7, 2014
October 7, 2014
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Morse Power Check

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An all-in-one unit – HAND-HELD DATA RECORDER
PowerCheck’s hand-held data recorder enables your officers to input incidents encountered during their guard tours. The data recorder is engineered to be lightweight and sleek in design, making the unit easy for your officers to carry and handle. It’s simple to use, completely self-contained, and extremely durable.


Know what’s happening now – INCIDENT CODES
As your officers make their rounds, they will have the ability to enter in a user-programmable incident code on the hand-held data recorder’s
keypad. This cuts out any unnecessary paperwork for you and your officers.


Keep your officers on guard –AUTO PILOT: SEQUENTIAL AND RANDOM TOURS
One of the most powerful features is its unique Auto Pilot – the data recorder’s display screen prompts your officers to visit the next station on the tour – eliminating the memorization of the checkpoints to visit in a tour. To prevent outsiders from predicting your officers’ routes, use the Random Tour command, which initiates a completely new tour sequence every time the officer starts.


Made rough and tough –RUGGED CONSTRUCTION
PowerCheck’s shock- and water-resistant data recorder has a resilient outer shell made from Lexan®, the same material used to make professional football helmets. It will function in temperatures ranging from -20° F to 140° F. The data recorder has a rechargeable battery and comes complete with a recharging base unit.


An unlimited commitment –ASSURED UPTIME
Should your data recorder be lost, stolen, or in need of repair, Morse Watchman will immediately send you a temporary replacement upon request. This free loaner is assured to you for the life of your PowerCheck. Our expert technicians will repair damaged units and have it returned to you within 48 hours of receipt. Our goal is to make sure your data recorders are always up and running.


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